Harmonize and nurture yourself in Terceira Inner Truth Retreat

4, 8 and 11 days in Terceira, Portugal to reset and enhance your life. Through the fusion of ancient Yogic Wisdom and Modern Psychology.

This is for you if...

Are you yearning for a reset in your daily life? A pause that transcends the ordinary, infusing love and compassion into your inner world? A serene location where you can unpack the emotional baggage, realign with your passions, and envision your dreams.

 If you’re ready to break out of your shell, enhance connections with others, and rediscover your inner light, this is the journey for you. Dive into gentle inner work, leave aside limiting patterns, and free your most authenthic self.

Our proposal for you is...

No, this is not a regular Yoga Retreat, is a transformational journey where our purpose is to invite you rediscover your own innate power for perfect health, happiness, and strength with this unique retreat through Yoga and Psychology.

Learn to revitalize your body through yogic practices, open up to more authentic movement and expression, have an emotional detox, develop compassion with yourself and others, and create a positive mindset

We will be practicing behavioral psychology, self-healing practices, massage, guided awakening meditations and traditional Yoga, all this in an inspired sequence of joyful experiences.

In this blissful space we create a supportive eviroment where we can delve into this process full of:

Island tranquil environment suitable for relaxation, reflection, and introspection

Healing practices that will nourish your body, mind and spirit

Focus on your growth and self development, getting clarity for your purpose and releasing past coditionings

Embarking in this journey you will dive in...

Yogic Wisdom
Strengthening physical and emotional health. So you can dive into a more healthy and connected version of yourself

Modern Psychology and Hypnotherapy
Unlock the potential of your subconscious mind to understand and overcome barriers, fostering personal growth and empowerment.

Craneosacral Therapy
Release restrictions and imbalances in the craniosacral system, facilitating the body's natural ability to heal and self-regulate

Authenthic Relating interpersonal sessions, providing insights and tools to enhance your relationships and communication skills.

Meditation and Mindfulness
to quiet your mind, relax, and listen to your inner guidance

Creative Movement and Dance Express yourself and tap into the joy of your own body

Nature's Embrace
Rest, recharge, and connect with the natural beauty of Azores.

With us you will benefit from...

Strengthening physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

Gain inner clarity and attunement with yourself

Process unresolved emotions to life your fullest life

Tools and practices to bring home with you, to grow your self-confidence and love

Clarity and vision, feeling aligned to make your purpose happen

Deeper knowdledge of yourself, freedom to be your authentic, unique self.

Break down walls and connect with others on a deeper level, in a supported enviroment

Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Time spent in nature to relax, contemplate and replenish

Gain entusiasm for life, nurture your connection with yourself ad the world

Are you feeling lost in the sea of options for retreats?

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Our retreat skillfully fuses yoga and contemporary psychology to provide you with ample opportunities to unwind, acquire new insights, and engage in a satisfying personal growth experience. Our team, Ricardo (psychology and hypnotherapist) and Aday (Yoga science and psychology),  have known each other for 20 years, working and studying nonstop with the human condition. Putting their hearts and tools into making this week an unforgettable and transformational experience.

Our facilitators

Anahat, Aday García

Originally from Gran Canaria. I have gone on a journey of self-discovery through the study firstly of Psychology in Granada´s University and then various forms of Yogic wisdom, including  Vedic studies, Tantra, and Yoga from different lineages(Shiv Yog, Vyaman, Hatha, Kundalini).

Learned from dynamic and energetic yoga, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thai massage, and Healing, participated in various dance workshops to explore liberation through movement. I am also trained in Biogestalt therapy, group dynamics, and art therapy.

I expresses gratitude for the guidance of the Shiv Yog lineage in my path for kundalini awakening and healing sciences, as well as Chögyal Namkai Norbu Rimpoche for his teachings on Buddhism and the nature of the mind.

Through all this knowledge I intend to serve and inspire everyone in their path towards fullfilment, healing and awakening, as it has helped me so deeply in mine.


Ricardo Marquez

Originally from Tenerife. Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Facilitator of Mindfulness. 

Teaching the way to authenticity and the achievement of inner freedom. Experienced as a psychotherapist, teacher, and team coach, I share a holistic approach to guiding you toward a true, superior version of yourself. In addition to training in clinical and health psychology, state-of-the-art therapies, analytical hypnotherapy and emotional intelligence coaching.

I have lived in recent years in Scandinavia training in Mindfulness, Tantric Philosophy, Communication, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence as well as other aspects related to personal and social development.

My intention is to accompany you in your process to release and become the authenthic version of yourself you aspire to be.

They have already attended our retreats and say...

Stephanie, Sweden

My perception of life changed with a shift to higher vibrations. Although i return home to Sweden all the old places seemed brighter, happier, livelier. I feel stronger inside of me closer to myself and my path.

Sara, Scotland

Morning meditation and yoga by the pool, as lizards and butterflies played close by, was a very beautiful, spiritual way to start the day. The accommodation was in a clean, calming villa overlooking the hills and down to the beach. 





Sometimes we would practice meditation or a mindfulness activity in the mountains or by the beach, as well as swimming in clear, aquamarine natural pools or the sea. Breath work, manifestation, sound healing and ecstatic dance were wonderful new experiences for me. 


The program created such an authentic atmosphere that everybody bonded quickly, so even though I went on my own, I soon felt as though I was on a trip with a group of much loved friends. 

Helen Bissett, United Kingdom

We all have our own reasons to go to a Yoga retreat. For me, I had hit a crisis in my life and needed to find a way forward. I came to the retreat feeling broken and I left healed. The yoga practice, information shared, being close to nature, the challenging but often breathe taking treks, tasty and healthy food as well as the knowledge and compassion of the instructors all played a part. Something awoke within me and I left with the strongest desire to deepen and expand my yoga practice. Thank you.

Accomodation and food details


We will stay at XHALE, AZORES, a premier luxury wellness destination on Terceira Island in the Azores where harmony, balance and rest are found amidst nature and surrounded by stunning views.

Located on the grounds of a former building that studied renewable energy through wind power, we have transformed the space into a haven that preserves natural resources, empowers local communities, and offers educational experiences on local ecosystems.


The center has been meticulously designed and built with minimal environmental impact without compromising luxury. It serves as a hub for renewable energy, rejuvenating the planet and your own energy and vitality.

What is the schedule?

4 days Introduction to well-being and self-care through yoga and mindfulness (5th - 8th September)

Thursday 5th

17.00: Welcome ceremony 

18:00: Yoga and meditation. knowledging the preciousness of human body and existence 

20:00 Dinner 


Friday 6th

8.30: Yoga and meditation. From heaviness into light, shaking and yoguic breathing

10.00: Breakfast

12:00: Coaching workshop: Connecting with gratitude and abundance 

14:00: Lunch

18:00 Authentic Relating

19:30 Dinner

21:00: Mantra Singing 


Saturday 7th

8.30: Heart chakra meditation 

10.00: Breakfast

12:00 Mindfulness excursion and hike to nature 

14:00 Lunch

18:00 Yoga and meditation. Creating pathways for free flow of energy. Alignment and steadiness

19:30 Dinner

21:00 Authentic Movement and Ecstatic Dance 


Sunday 8th

8.30: Yoga and Meditation. Foundation of energy cultivation and OM meditation.

10.00: Breakfast

11:00: Closing ceremony 

12:00 End of the introductory instructions retreat.




Prices for 3 nights /  4  days 

Shared room: 390 euros + 200 Euros + 100 euros comision = 690 euros 

Private room : 750 euros + 200 euros +100 euros comsion = 1050 euros 

Double room : 780  euros + 300 euros  + 100 euros comision = 1180 euros 




7 days Immersion to self-awareness and energy cultivation to reconnect with yourself  (9th - 15th September)


Sunday  8th 

Check-in: 16:00

17.00: Welcome ceremony to:  Immersion to self-awareness and energy cultivation to reconnect with yourself

18:00: Yoga and meditation. Strengthening through flow. Yoga Vinyasa

20.00: Dinner 


Monday 9th 

8.30: Yoga and meditation. Activating the channels. Sukshma kriyas and Prana Kriyas

10.00: Breakfast

12:30: Self Knowledge workshop: connecting with the self-love 

14:30: Lunch

18:00: Yoga and meditation. Yoga Flow and Chakra meditation

20:00 Dinner


Tuesday 10th 

8.30: Yoga and meditation.  Yoga Flow and Advance Chakra meditation

10.00: Breakfast

12:00: Guided Hypnotherapy: the Therapeutic journey 

13:30 Mindfulness excursion and hike to nature (Picnic)

18:30: Authentic Relating 

20:00 Dinner


Wednesday  11th 

8.30: Heart chakra meditation

10.00: Breakfast

12:00 Self Knowledge workshop: Connecting with our values and purpose 

14:00 Lunch

18:00: Yoga thai massage workshop and healing the solar plexus

20:00 Dinner


Thursday 12th 

8.30: Yoga and meditation. Five tibetans and Prana Kriyas second level

10.00: Breakfast

12:00: Self-knowledge workshop: Limiting beliefs 

14:00 Lunch

18:00 Breathwork for emotional purification

20:00 Dinner


Friday 13th

8.30: Yoga and meditation. 

10.00: Breakfast

12:30: Stress management and emotional intelligent workshop 

13:30 Mindfulness excursion and hike to nature (Picnic)

18:00  Yoga

20:00 Dinner



8.30: Yoga and meditation. Journey into Samadhi

10.00: Breakfast

12:30: The power of manifestation and journaling

14:00 Lunch

18:00 Authentic Movement and Ectactics dance 

20:00 Dinner


Sunday 15th 

8.30: Yoga and meditation. Stabilizing the daily personal practice

10.00: Breakfast

11:00. Closing ceremony 

This is a retreat made for you, thats why we want to
GIFT you...

WS PICO LH 4©TelmaAntunes 58

1. Call with us prior the Retreat

This is a personalized experience, thats why we want to get to know you better. In this call we will cover your objectives, questions and needs so we can support you and give you guidance to get the most out of the retreat.

2. Access on Future Yoga classes.

You will have available extra yoga classes and form part of our Inner Truth comunity, so you will have the feeling and the habits like you are still in the retreat. Keeping the healing experience and the support for the future.

Dates ad Prices


4 days Introduction to well-being and self-care through yoga and mindfulness (5th – 8th September) (3 nights / 4 days)


Shared room = 790 euros 

Private room = 1250 euros 

Double room = 1430 euros 


7 days Inmersión to self-awareness and energy cultivation to reconnect with yourself  (8th – 14th September) (6 nights/ 7 days)


Shared room  = 1480 euros 

Private room  = 2100 euros 

Double room  = 2260 euros 


10 Days Full experience retreat to reconnect with well-being, self-awareness 

5th – 14th September (9 nights/10 days)


Shared room  = 1870 euros

Private room  = 2850 euros


Double room  = 3040 euros 



Yoga classes and meditations, mornings and afternoons

Lessons and workshops on modern psychology, authenthic relating, breathwork, dance journey…

All meals (3 per day, breakfast, lunch picnic for tours, and dinner)Fruit and teas are available 24 hours.

Accommodation Xhale Azores with facilities like spa, pool and gym


Personalized individual treatment from our team (extra cost)

-Use of internet facilities, gardens, pool, and common areas.

-Programmed excursions

Free assistance to help you get from and to the airport on the first and last day of the program

– Flight tickets
– Travel Insurance

-Individual sessions (Massage, Coaching, Hypnotherapy)

We just have 12 spots for each retreat  to ensurance a personalized and joyful experience to each participant. We encorage you to check availability and contact us for any questions in the Whastapp buttom below. 

Included in this price is the 2 gifts of a call with us prior to the retreat so we can make the retreat focused in your needs, and the extra yoga sessions after it, so you can keep on cultivating your inner practice, your self care and clarity of your purpose.

The activities were well thought out and had a great build up to the end. A big positive surprise was the sweat lodge ceremony towards the end of the retreat. For me a personally confronting session that provided many insights and growth. Thank you for broadening my horizons, Aday. The experience was so much more than a regular yoga retreat. You deserve all five stars!

Anahat and Ricardo shared their island with us and brought us on beautiful hikes which as a “regular” tourist you would probably not get the chance to see. The mindfulness and hypnotherapy practices were really beneficial and I feel so much lighter mentally since I have come home. I really feel a shift in my way of being and the guys have really helped me to move on and let go from certain thought patterns and habits that were destructive and futile. If you feel stuck this is the retreat for you. All in all a fun, emotional, challenging week which will pay dividends for a long time to come. A special mention to Raquel also who provided the most delicious vegan food for us and invigorated everyone with her zest for life!

 The retreat was so nuanced, thought through, with the personal touch, reflections and wisdom of the instructors, full of light and amazing surprises. I have gained a spiritual family… 🥰❤️ There were so many little adventures and trips that we took, program adjustments / customization as per individual needs, deep and soulful talks by the fireplace and practices (very transformative and healing for me!). We were fortunate to see Tenerife from the very local and unforgettable side. After a few weeks I’m still thinking and feeling the warmth of the experience and unforgettable Tenerife… 🥰 And food also deserves a separate review 😉☺️ Rachel is a phenomenal cook!! The food selection was delicious, healthy, nourishing and healing ☺️ We also got a little surprise cooking workshop. All in all, I’m very grateful for the beautiful retreat and would definitely want to come back to Tenerife and Aday for more adventures and personal journeys. Thank you!!!

The fabulous chef made a great breakfast and 3 courses dinner every day, and a very good salad in our picnic-bag. As a meat lover I must say that I never expected vegan food for a week to be so great. In fact fantastic! Every day at 8am we had a morning session with Aday and Ricardo before breakfast, and another session in the evenings before dinner. In between they took us for a bush walk, a beach walk or something else. Aday did fabulous massages too. Ricardo gave us good sessions in mindfulness. After hours we had an informal debrief session sitting in front of the fire, sometimes meditating, sometimes listening to Aday and Ricardo playing guitar/ukelele. I can’t describe it all here, but I deeply recommend it.
Morning meditation and yoga by the pool, with the sun on my face and the soft breeze on my skin, as lizards and butterflies played close by, was a very beautiful, spiritual way to start the day. The accommodation was in a clean, calming villa overlooking the hills and down to the beach. In the mornings, you could stand on the terrace and watch the sun rise majestically over the clouds. Our hosts local knowledge allowed us to enjoy excursions to breathtaking mountains, beaches and the volcano, a world away from the busy resorts associated with Tenerife. Sometimes we would practice meditation or a mindfulness activity in the mountains or by the beach, as well as swimming in clear, aquamarine natural pools or the sea. Breath work, manifestation, sound healing and ecstatic dance were wonderful new experiences for me. The program created such an authentic atmosphere that everybody bonded quickly, so even though I went on my own, I soon felt as though I was on a trip with a group of much loved friends. The food was fantastic – Raquel is such a joyful cook and the healthy, varied recipes were delicious. I loved it.
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