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Estás aquí para experimentar tu verdadero yo. Estás aquí para dominar tu vida.
La verdadera felicidad es nuestro derecho de nacimiento y nuestra misión es recordarte los caminos que conducen a la plenitud y la alegría eternas que todos llevamos dentro.
En esta vida, tu misión es ser alegre, experimentar tu potencial, abrazar la exuberancia de la creación, bailar en éxtasis y presenciar las lágrimas de alegría rodando por tu rostro sonriente.
Nuestra misión es recordarles la verdad del Espíritu dentro de nosotros. Lo que no tiene principio ni fin, lo que está libre de fracaso, enfermedad o vejez. Ese lugar de refugio también llamado naturaleza Búdica, Conciencia Crística o Fuente Interior.
También queremos recordarte la verdad de tu alma. Para poder completar la agenda de tu alma, tu propósito de vida. Aquello que te está guiando hacia la realización, conexión y significado de la Vida.
That we will do with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, the Tantric art of rising consciousness for you to go from worldly pursuits to spiritual success. A time of crisis is your natural call and opportunity to re-calibrate your inner compass, to readjust your priorities and to redefine your goals. Be patient with yourself, allow the clouds of confusion to naturally dissolve in the clear space of your awareness. We are here to humbly remind you of your uniqueness, remind you that what you have to give, is what the world needs.
Lo haremos con la antigua sabiduría del Yoga, el arte tántrico de elevar la conciencia para que pases de las actividades mundanas al éxito espiritual. Un momento de crisis es tu vocación natural y tu oportunidad de recalibrar tu brújula interna, reajustar tus prioridades y redefinir tus objetivos. Ten paciencia contigo mismo, permite que las nubes de confusión se disuelvan naturalmente en el espacio despejado de tu conciencia. Estamos aquí para recordarte humildemente tu singularidad, para recordarte que lo que tienes para dar es lo que el mundo necesita.

Una experiencia que te cambiará la vida y te conectará con tu verdad real y tu libertad interior.

Yoga y mindfulness (Tenerife)

Caminando por la Verdad Interior “El Camino” (Galicia, España)

Entrenamiento y sesiones

¿Te gustaría iniciar un proceso de coaching o terapia personal? Te guiamos a través de un proceso de Coaching y Terapia Personal basado en diferentes metodologías y filosofías que te ayudarán a conectar con la confianza interior y la alegría de vivir.

The experience

inner truth academy
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inner truth academy
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The activities were well thought out and had a great build up to the end. A big positive surprise was the sweat lodge ceremony towards the end of the retreat. For me a personally confronting session that provided many insights and growth. Thank you for broadening my horizons, Aday. The experience was so much more than a regular yoga retreat. You deserve all five stars!

Anahat and Ricardo shared their island with us and brought us on beautiful hikes which as a «regular» tourist you would probably not get the chance to see. The mindfulness and hypnotherapy practices were really beneficial and I feel so much lighter mentally since I have come home. I really feel a shift in my way of being and the guys have really helped me to move on and let go from certain thought patterns and habits that were destructive and futile. If you feel stuck this is the retreat for you. All in all a fun, emotional, challenging week which will pay dividends for a long time to come. A special mention to Raquel also who provided the most delicious vegan food for us and invigorated everyone with her zest for life!

 The retreat was so nuanced, thought through, with the personal touch, reflections and wisdom of the instructors, full of light and amazing surprises. I have gained a spiritual family… 🥰❤️ There were so many little adventures and trips that we took, program adjustments / customization as per individual needs, deep and soulful talks by the fireplace and practices (very transformative and healing for me!). We were fortunate to see Tenerife from the very local and unforgettable side. After a few weeks I’m still thinking and feeling the warmth of the experience and unforgettable Tenerife… 🥰 And food also deserves a separate review 😉☺️ Rachel is a phenomenal cook!! The food selection was delicious, healthy, nourishing and healing ☺️ We also got a little surprise cooking workshop. All in all, I’m very grateful for the beautiful retreat and would definitely want to come back to Tenerife and Aday for more adventures and personal journeys. Thank you!!!

The fabulous chef made a great breakfast and 3 courses dinner every day, and a very good salad in our picnic-bag. As a meat lover I must say that I never expected vegan food for a week to be so great. In fact fantastic! Every day at 8am we had a morning session with Aday and Ricardo before breakfast, and another session in the evenings before dinner. In between they took us for a bush walk, a beach walk or something else. Aday did fabulous massages too. Ricardo gave us good sessions in mindfulness. After hours we had an informal debrief session sitting in front of the fire, sometimes meditating, sometimes listening to Aday and Ricardo playing guitar/ukelele. I can’t describe it all here, but I deeply recommend it.
Morning meditation and yoga by the pool, with the sun on my face and the soft breeze on my skin, as lizards and butterflies played close by, was a very beautiful, spiritual way to start the day. The accommodation was in a clean, calming villa overlooking the hills and down to the beach. In the mornings, you could stand on the terrace and watch the sun rise majestically over the clouds. Our hosts local knowledge allowed us to enjoy excursions to breathtaking mountains, beaches and the volcano, a world away from the busy resorts associated with Tenerife. Sometimes we would practice meditation or a mindfulness activity in the mountains or by the beach, as well as swimming in clear, aquamarine natural pools or the sea. Breath work, manifestation, sound healing and ecstatic dance were wonderful new experiences for me. The program created such an authentic atmosphere that everybody bonded quickly, so even though I went on my own, I soon felt as though I was on a trip with a group of much loved friends. The food was fantastic – Raquel is such a joyful cook and the healthy, varied recipes were delicious. I loved it.
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